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Hi and welcome,
Thanks for having a look at my website. Let me tell you a little bit about myself;
I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and have been successfully treating people  for nearly 20 years. Initially I was trained in Bristol through The Pegasus Centre in 2000. I spent several years learning, developing and experiencing my craft before becoming a Reiki Master/ Teacher in 2005, from a direct Japanese lineage of Reiki masters ‘Satya Japanese Reiki’ (normally Reiki lineage is through Hawaii and Takata)

Various volunteer work with Reiki include treating at a cancer hospice in Bristol, drug and rehabilitation clinic, a healing centre in Goa and Well Woman clinics in Thailand and Cambodia and treatments in Sri Lanka

After giving treatments to friends and family throughout this time. From mobile and treating a wider client base I set up a treatment room within my home therefore creating a better platform for your treatment

If you would like to book an appointment or have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All appointments are confidential

I am a ‘UK Reiki Federation Member’ No 5382X
Kind Regards  Lorraine 
Here’s what a local paper based in Stafford had to say about me;

Stafford Newsletter

email: sarah.marshall@staffordshirenewspapers.co.uk
tel: 01785 270511
By Sarah Marshall
WHEN Reiki expert Lorraine Conkey was a tough, high-flying sales boss she had no idea it was a small tumour in her head that was driving her.
 For 10 years she was constantly on a high, working hard late into the evening and rising through the ranks from sales executive to top boss.
 She commanded a sales team, most of who were men, and took a no-nonsense approach, gaining a reputation as a formidable boss who no-one messed with.
 At the same time she was steadily gaining weight, ballooning in the end to 24st, and putting certain feelings down to stress – but in fact it was much more serious than that.
 “I found out I had a small tumour in my pituitary gland,” she says as we chat over her a cuppa at her Stafford home.
 “The tumour made my gland produce a huge amount of steroids and it was that that was driving me and giving me so much energy.
 “Afterwards I wasn’t the same person. I discovered Reiki and my life changed. Suddenly I didn’t have the drive to continue doing the job I had done. I wanted to help people.”
 That was 15 years ago. Since then Miss Conkey has not only learned to do reiki herself but has become a master Reiki instructor and regularly spends half the year living and working in far-flung places such as India and Thailand.
 The rest of the time she lives in Stafford, offering her Reiki services to a steady stream of 50 clients who come to her home for the treatment in Christopher Terrace, which is just a stone’s throw from where she grew up in Queensville Avenue.
 Miss Conkey says she had a great childhood, growing up with three sisters.
 She admits she was something of a rebel, with a skin head but it was a golden age in the town, with the punks and rockers.
 As a pupil at Blessed William Howard School she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. When she left she ended up working at GEC and used to do some bar work in places such as the Telegraph in Wolverhampton Road.
 It was this casual bar work, though, that led to her running a pub in Bristol – and not just a little back street drinking hole either.
 “It had three bars and a restaurant,” says Miss Conkey.
 “I knew the people who were taking it on so they offered me the job. I did it for about three years and then decided to have a change. That’s when I moved into sales.”
 The company was A&N Marketing in Bristol and Miss Conkey started off as the receptionist and eventually became field sales manager.
 After the tumour was diagnosed in 1995 she slowly began to recover and returned to work after 12 months. But when she reached the 18 month mark the symptoms gradually started to come back and the tumour had returned.
 She had a second operation but her body was ravaged by the long-term effects of the over production of steroids. She suffered muscle wastage, weakened bones, depression, insomnia, thinning skin, mood swings and extreme exhaustion. Her consultant said it was unlikely she would cope with full-time work again.
 Her friend recommended having Reiki treatments to alleviate the tiredness and pain so every fortnight she had the therapy, which involves a therapist placing their hands at various points on the person’s body. Within four months she was back at work full time – although she felt so different she didn’t want to continue.
 “Before the operation I used to have mood swings so I could be quite demanding, which is why people thought I was a great sales manager,” she says.
 “I couldn’t be like that anymore so I went to work for the job centre. I’d always been a people person and wanted to feel as though I was helping people.”
 Miss Conkey also learned Reiki herself and began doing sessions in her spare time.
 Eventually, she decided to make the move back to Stafford and got a transfer to the town’s job centre but soon afterwards she saw a job in India and after thinking about it carefully decided to up and go and rented out her house.
 By this time she was a qualified Reiki Master and teacher and she opened up a healing centre in Goa, which she ran for five years.
 “It was lovely,” she recalls. “It was on a rooftop terrace and people had the treatment while looking out at all the palm trees. I went out there every season.”
 She has also been to Thailand, where she performed Reiki on women who were suffering with various problems, including depression and menopausal symptoms.
In April and decided to offer Reiki full-time from her home.
 “Reiki can be used for a variety of reasons,” says Miss Conkey. “It is about making the energy flow through your body. I’m not new age person but I do believe that everyone has got within themselves the power to heal but it’s just one of those lost things the human race has forgotten.
 “Women do a form of it when they have babies. They can effectively stop their babies crying just by holding them or by the way they touch them.
 “State of mind is so important when people are ill and Reiki can help everything balance. People are fully clothed when they have it done and the whole process takes about two hours.
 “I have treated people who have had Multiple Sclerosis, depression, panic attacks, alcoholism, drug addiction, Parkinson’s Disease, frozen shoulders. I have one client who has nothing wrong but just loves the energy that Reiki gives her.
 “I have worked with some terminally ill cancer patients and Reiki can help them to accept it and be at peace with it. Other cancer patients who have been going through chemotherapy have had Reiki to help them deal with the stress.
 “Some people say they have experiences, such as seeing colours or feeling waves or heat.
 “It is just a fantastic treatment. In this day and age we don’t take time out for ourselves anymore. We’re always working and thinking about what we’re going to do next. Reiki is complete relaxation.”
 Miss Conkey admits many people are sceptical about the benefits. “In fact most of the men are because they’re sceptical at first but afterwards they can’t believe how good it is.”
  For now Miss Conkey is happy to continue what she is doing. She loves being back in Stafford and is a big believer in championing causes.
 She is currently supporting St Leonards Social Club, which has been under threat of closure. She is currently helping to organise a Halloween event.
 She is also a big supporter of the Stafford Remembered group, set up by resident Sandra Coghlan-Murray to hold reunion events for people who grew up in the town.
 Miss Conkey has also written a children’s fantasy book, called Snail Tales Naughty Boys Magic Adventure, which she has sent off to publishers.
 She is currently receiving rejection letters, she laughs, but she adds: “I’ve always wanted to write a book and get it published. I don’t know if it’s any good but how do you know if you don’t try?”
“If you want to have this sort of lifestyle, though, you have to cut your cloth. I don’t have a fancy car or a flat screen TV but it’s worth it.”
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