History of Reiki

A Brief Reiki History

The Founder of Reiki  – Mikao Usai was the original founder of Reiki. Born in 1865 it is surmised that Usui probably came from a wealthy family since he was well educated, enjoying medicine, psychology, metaphysics and religion.Mikao Usui developed the system of natural healing referred to as Usui Reiki, the Dr. is an
honorific as a substitute for the Japanese word Sensei with translates as teacher and is a title of great respect.
The story of Reiki begins when Dr. Usui’s  decided to go to an Holy mountain to cleanse his body by fasting and mediating.It is believed he went to Mount Kurama on a 21 day retreat and while standing under the waterfall, he had a satori. Satori is a Japanese concept in which a person has a sudden realisation of a great or universal truth.
The story goes that he saw a light rushing towards him which struck him on the forehead at that moment he saw bubbles containing the Reiki symbols as each bubble burst around him he was attuned to that symbol. This led to the
Reiki healing system.

After this experience Dr. Usui opened the “Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai”, the “Usui Reiki Healing Society.”According to his memorial stone: “He opened a clinic in Harajuku, Aoyama, Tokyo in April of 1921. He not only gave treatments to countless patients, some of whom had come from far and wide, but he also hosted workshops to spread his knowledge. In September of 1923, the devastating Kanto earthquake struck Tokyo. Thousands were killed, injured, or became sick in its aftermath. Dr. Usui took Reiki to the devastated city and used its healing powers on the surviving victims.”After this Dr. Usui travelled and taught throughout Japan accredited for attuning some 2,000 students and many Reiki Masters.During his stay in Fukuyama, he suffered a fatal stroke in 1926.

The Japanese symbol for Reiki

One of Dr Usui’s students Dr Chujiro Hayashi established the first Usui Reiki Clinic in Tokyo in the 1930’s and started the Western Lineage by attuning Mrs Hawayo Takata whom lived in Hawaii Mrs. Takata was visiting relatives in Japan and had successful treatments for a chronic illness at Dr. Hayashis’ Clinic. (Dr. Hayashi is credited with formalizing the system of hand positions and levels for use in a clinical health oriented practice). Mrs Takata persuaded him to attune her to Reiki I and II before she returned to Hawaii. A few years later Dr Hayashi went to Hawaii where he initiated her as a Reiki Master.

Mrs Takata died at the age of eighty in 1980 she had trained hundreds of people in Reiki and had initiated 22 Reiki Masters by doing this she instigated the spread of Reiki in the Western world.

Since the passing of Dr. Usui, there have been six presidents of Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai, and they are: Mr. Ushida, Mr. Taketomi, Mr. Watanabe, Mr. Wanami, Ms. Kojama and Mr. Kondo, who has been in office since 1998.

My Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui
Toshihiro Eguchi
Goro Miyazuki
Mieko Mitsui
Toshitaka Mochizuki
Shingo Sakuma
Denis Yarkoni
Lorraine (Me)

Toshihiro Eguchi (1873-1946)

 Eguchi Toshihiro was born in Kumamoto. In spite of early health problems, such as fainting and chest problems, he eventually became principal of a school in Nagano. According to a Japanese book about Eguchi, published in 2000, Tenohira-ga Byoki-o Naosu (Cure Your Illness with Your Palms) written by Mihashi Kazuo, he was introduced to the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai in 1926 by a lady called Tamura

One version of the history of Reiki indicates that the founder, Mikao Usui, taught Reiki to at least 17 people. One of these was another healer at the time by the name of Toshihiro Eguchi. Eguchi studied with Usui at least 3 years before Usui’s death in 1926. Through his students one form of Reiki has continued on in Japan (We now know there are other lineages). Eguchi reportedly taught thousands of students before the war, including Goro Miyazaki. Miyazaki taught a person by the name of Mieko Mitsui, who is around 60 years old today. According to “Iyashi No Te”, Mitsui assisted Barbara Ray in translating her book “The Reiki Factor” into Japanese, which Mochizuki admits to reading.

One of Mitsui’s current students is a Reiki teacher named Takahashi. Takahashi and the author, Mochizuki, are part of a group of 10 Japanese Reiki masters who come together to teach monthly Reiki classes. .

Initially, Usui may have only laid hands on wherever the person had pain. Since the Japanese had rediscovered and were using the ancient art of Chinese acupuncture (and acupressure), the hand positions seem to evolve around the body’s energy channels and pressure points.

 Satya Japanese Reiki
In 1997 former Zen monk Shingo Sakuma started the Satya Reiki Communion in Pune, India. Satya Reiki uses also Chakra balancing and healing.

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