Reiki Training/Prices

Reiki is taught in three levels or degrees. These levels must be completed in order, each level is complete in itself so you do not have to complete all three degrees to use Reiki. Many people just do the first, some on to the second, while less feel the need to complete the third
The First Degree or Reiki I
The First Degree is primarily for the you and your own self healing so you can treat yourself, it brings the healing power of balance and harmony into all areas of your life. The first Degree also teaches methods of treating friends, family and pets.
The training includes;
*Attunements – the passing of energy from the initiating Master to the student to balance and ‘fine tune’ you to enable you to channel Reiki yourself.
* The history of Reiki and information.
* The five principles of Reiki
* What Reiki is and how it works
* How Reiki can be used –
* Explanation and instruction on hand positions for treatments.
* Instruction for self treatments and the benefits.
* Time for questions and answers
* Information booklet that covers all information taught in the course
* Reiki I certificate
This is a one day course £130 inc lunch and refreshments
The Second Degree – Practitioner or Reiki II
The Second Degree is often looked on as the practitioner level, i.e. it passes on the Sacred Symbols that enable the person to access and focus Reiki in a more powerful and responsible way also to channel Reiki for distant healing.
The content of the training is;
* Attunement of the scared symbols
* The symbols and their uses are taught
* Treatments are given and received using the symbols
* Guidance on giving treatments – patient care, comfort and reactions
* Practice giving and receiving treatments
* Time for questions and answers
* Information booklet covering all information taught during the course.
* Reiki II certificate
This is a one day course £180 inc lunch and refreshments
The Third Degree – Master Practitioner or Reiki III/3a
The Third Degree is for those who have made a deep commitment to Reiki and working as a practitioner for many years with a full record of clients .
 The Reiki Associations do not encourage Reiki Master attunement any more as the thinking is that this level should not be undertaken lightly, years of practice and dedication is required to ‘keep’ the true principles of Master/ Teacher level.
The Reiki Master /Teacher or Reiki IV/3b
The full Third Degree initiation enables them to initiate and teach others to use Reiki, working with higher level Master energies and being further attuned.


Always check the credentials of your Reiki Master/Teacher and encourage others to do so. The UK Reiki Federation is one of the main associations that will check the lineage of Reiki students, practitioners, Master/Practitioners and Reiki Master/ Teachers, there has been increasing reported cases of people claiming to be Master/ Teacher when in fact they have Reiki Master/Practitioner level or Practitioner level (Reiki II)

Reiki lineage is the ancestry of whom your Reiki Master/Teacher or Grandmaster is

 Each of the Reiki of Reiki is a complete and stands alone Reiki I is the complete self healing degree and you are under no pressure to proceed to the next level however being attuned to Reiki II will provide you with the opportunity to complete your healing task in this lifetime and if at some stage you feel that this is appropriate for you

When choosing a Reiki Master to teach you , always feel comfortable with your choice go with you ‘gut’ feeling, ask questions of the Reiki Master about the course, if possible have a treatment done by them, this can help with your decision of which Master to pick to be your guide and teacher.

There is a wide spectrum of training offered by Masters and also the training that masters have received themselves.I am registered as a ‘Master Teacher Member’ of the UK Reiki Federation
Lorraine teaches REIKI I and REIKI II, please ask for details of courses.
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