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Lorraine has taught me Reiki 1 & 2.
She is a wonderful teacher and on going support is always available.

I have also received Reiki from Lorraine,she is such a caring lady, and is never in a rush, she takes time to listen and her hands ate magic.thank you Lorriane for your wonderful gift.

Kim Roadley, Stafford
Thank you, feel much better after distant Reiki.... I mean it ...I was tense , nervous and after 15 minutes , that feeling is gone!
Paolo, London
I’ve had several Reiki sessions from Lorraine.Great experience and would throughly recommend.
Sue Taylor, Cambridge UK
I have a stressful job and IBS I found since I have been seeing Lorraine on a regular basis the stress levels are greatly reduced and the IBS symptoms happily under control.
After a few back to back sessions initially I now go for 'top up' sessions which keeps me in balance and able to cope

Carol S, Stafford
After recieving distant Reiki I was left with a feeling of happy and positive contentment
Sally, Fort William
Lorraine is an amazing lady who gives amazing treatments. I cannot recommend Lorraine highly enough. If you need time for you or help with an issue in your life then Lorraine's reiki might just change your life (in the most positive way). Go for it. Book now! 🙂
Claire, Stafford
I just want to thank you for the boost you have given me this last couple of weeks. You have taken a worn out woman and given me back an ‘almost’ human being again. The first session was like being put on recharge and made me realise just how low and worn out I had got. I was blown away by the experience. I’m not new to natural healing/Reiki so didn’t have the same feelings of trepidation that others may have. I would like to say to those who are in any way unsure, that you really have nothing to fear and I would (and have) recommended your service to others .
You have given me the tools to help me keep my energy levels up and my family have seen a massive change in me the last 2 weeks and I have you to thank for that. I can’t wait until next time.

Shelly, Stafford
I have some emotional issues I’ve been dealing with for some time. Lorraine has used long Distance Reiki to assist me with these, I’ve found it an extremely effective technique for total relaxation and stress reduction. Lorraine ’s Reiki is also helping me create balance on the mental level.I’d recommend it to anyone. It really works.
James, Papua New Guinea
Having been blessed to find an amazing Reiki practitioner with healing and kindness, Lorraine took me under her wing and helped me balance a most difficult time in my life, so much so that we worked together in Arambol for a number of years.
I cannot recommend enough Lorraine s abilities to reconnect you with yourself and to balance your being .To give yourself a moment, in this busy world, of love, attention and care, whosoever is lucky enough to be treated by Lorraine is in for a treat

Martyn Heale, Bristol, UK
I did a little research prior to my first session of Reiki so it would help me to understand what to expect. Lorraine spent around 30 minutes informing me of her background and what I should expect from the session. I was instantly put at ease and looked forward to it. Lorraine created a really relaxing atmosphere with background music and I found my stresses ease quickly.
My initial fears were that Reiki might be an invasive form of treatment but that can’t be further from the truth. After my first session, which lasted around 60 minutes, I felt a little light headed, which Lorraine explained would happen and I was told I should drink plenty of water.
Over the next 4-5 days, I felt more relaxed than I had for months.
My second session arrived and Lorraine asked me what I would like from the session. I was still feeling the impact of my first session and wanted to feel more “energised”. The room was set and 60 minutes later, my second session was complete. Over the next 2 weeks, I had more drive, more commitment to complete unfinished tasks. I started to have a much clearer picture of what I wanted to achieve.
Waiting to have my third session…..
Although I did my initial research, it could not really prepare me for the end results I experienced after my sessions. Lorraine far exceeded my expectations and creates a great environment in which to relax and enjoy Reiki. I urge everyone to give it a go!

Paul, Stafford
I found Reiki to be one of the best ways to realign my body and mind from all the stresses of our hectic lives. It helped me relieve headaches and symptoms of IBS. After my treatment with Lorraine I felt a feeling of calm, lightness and clear thoughts. Thank you for a very professional treatment.
Melanie Haylock, Norwich, UK
Thank you, thank you, thank you Lorraine... My chest was feeling very tight when I woke up this morning and I had a headache...The when I recieved you distant Reiki healing, I felt the peaceful golden glow gradually flow over and through me. My chest feels light now, and so does my heart, and I'm full of energy and got a roast in the oven with all the trimmings. I needed that... I don't know how it works, but IT DOES!! Bravo magical lady.. and thanks again... XXXTina from London UK
Tina, London
After arriving at Stafford Reiki I was met by a warm and very friendly Reiki Master (Lorraine) who made me feel very welcome and comfortable.I was feeling very stressed at work and in my personal life.I have tried several other practitioners before Lorraine but I didn’t quite feel a connection but with Lorraine it was different. I immediately felt a connection from the first few minutes of walking through the door and when the Reiki started I immediately felt a warmth and energy like I had never felt before. I fell asleep almost instantly(which is very rare for me as I find it difficult to switch off around people) and when I ‘woke’ I was very groggy but almost floating.Later that day I felt so amazing and empowered.I have since been back several times and I would honestly say that my life has completely changed because of the Reiki sessions.I feel totally unstressed and ready to face whatever life throws at me in my personal life and at work. I would highly recommend Lorraine@Stafford Reiki…she is the BEST!!!
Jamie Alcock,
I had never had Reiki before but I had heard about it and wanted to try as I had some physical and mental issues that I needed help with. I immediately felt at ease when I entered for the first time, we had a chat about what i wanted out of the sessions and then Loraine went through with me what she was going to do and what I would need to do.After my first session my personal experience was that I felt relaxed yet energized…I was buzzing! My other experiences have all been completely different from one another and Loraine has been there to talk it over with me and explain some of the experiences I have had.I would highly recommend having reiki and would definitely recommend Loraine to do this.
Michelle, Stafford
After a lifetime of cynicism I finally agreed after listening to others rave about Lorraine to “Go For It” and have a Reiki session. As I walked up the path with my mind full of doubt these thoughts were quickly quashed once the session began. It was an amazing experience and Lorraine was excellent at explaining how it may feel, what I might experience etc. I came away feeling totally re-juvenated and invigorated. I am not so sure that everyone has this gift but I can truly recommend Lorraine and say without a doubt that her skills are amazing and I guarantee you will walk away extremely satisfied!!
Jane Bebbington, Manchester UK
I received a Reiki session from Lorraine to relieve my flying nerves. She was professional at all times. I immediately felt an inner peace and this continued all through my flight.
Natalie Jaskiewicz, England
Lorraine of Stafford reiki has been an amazing master teacher for me during my Reiki training. I could not ask for more. I find It easy to learn with Lorraine's encouragement and support.
Since my Reiki one and two training I have found a big growth in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life. I feel I owe this to Lorraine and Reiki and will be forever grateful! Would recommend Lorraine to anyone interested in taking up Reiki in there lives. Thank you Lorraine x

Sarah Sutton, Barlaston staffordshire
At first I didn’t know what Reiki was, but after a little research I was eager to give it a try. I didn’t have any medical conditions, but went along to experience it.
I found that the whole experience made me extremely relaxed (so much so I actually fell asleep on the table!) I awake with a massive smile on my face – which lasted for many days after. It really did put a spring in my step . I am now extremely eager to go for my second session – and would definitely recommend it for others to experience and try for themselves.

Amy Walker, Uttoxeter
Cannot recommend Lorraine enough…… I was very unsure about Reiki (a little bit afraid of it really). After my first experience I was totally shocked and amazed of my feelings, after another couple of healing sessions I was totally and utterly hooked……… found the inner peace that I was looking for and put a few ‘demons’ to rest…… thank you so much Lorraine for helping me out. x
Sharon T, Stafford
I joined the half hour distant healing session last night and and was quite surprised at the outcome, I truly believe in the power of healing but have only ever experienced one episode of actually feeling something and that was a taster session on Bowens many years ago.. Last night was a my second episode, I know very little of Reki and purposely didn’t gen up about it, During my quiet half hour, I felt for the most part of it a very warm feeling in the pit of my stomach, it was intense but not uncomfortable, I focused on an injury I have at the moment, and the dull constant ache didn’t altogether disappear but was very much lessened, the half hour seemed to fly and I felt re-energised after , Thanks Lorraine, we have never met, but I’m thinking we will do in the future
Margaret Harford, Stafford
The first time I received Reiki from Lorraine she guided me through what the therapy would consist of. I felt so at ease and very chilled! As I lay on the mattress and Lorraine started the Reiki I automatically felt some kind of healing process come over my body, like a feeling of everything is ok and any stress or worries I had had left my consciousness. My eyes were closed and I was visualising colours, greens, whites, orange – which was enjoyable. I knew where I was, I felt in control but on another level of myself – if that makes sense! After the session I was left to rest and rose slowly, feeling very happy and couldn’t stop smiling – I didn’t really know why – it felt good though! This feeling lasted throughout the day and longer. I knew I wanted more and had met a special person. When I received Reiki again from Lorraine it was for something more specific – my back pain, and once again, after the session the pain had subsided, fantastic! I would recommend Lorraine for a Reiki session anytime for whatever reason – or no reason, perhaps just to be intrigued – and to be taught by her would be something very special.
Lauren Scott, Lake District, UK
I can certainly recommend Stafford Reiki for help with nerves of flying. I usually have to use diazepam before flying - used absolutely no drugs after my reiki session and was absolutely fine! Going back again this year for another session!
Ann E, Stafford
My name is Ilan Dacal and I own and manage ‘Lamuella’, a boutique hotel, health restaurant & healing centre in Arambol, Goa, India.
I have met with Lorraine in 2005 during the first year of my project, and seeing I was so tired of working so hard Lorraine has offered me a Reiki treatment. Not being a great believer in “energy healing” after a few futile experiences but in great need of an hour of rest I agreed, thinking that it can’t hurt much if I rest for a while.
I woke up an hour later feeling like a new man, Lorraine has charged me up so much that I have become the first (of many) of “Lorraine’s Reiki Fans in Arambol”.
One of my first reactions after this treatment was to ask Lorraine to stay with us and open the “Lamuella healing centre” and start giving Reiki treatments, first of all to me, but also to the benefit of our guests.
Throughout the years Lorraine has worked with us I have received many Reiki
Lorraine has a way to conduct the Reiki energy in a way I have never felt before, or since, she has been able to charge my energy levels up and down as she pleased. I was receiving treatments from her before and during the high season to keep my energy level up and help me through the busy time, then I would receive a different treatment to relax when the pressure was down.
I have seen many people change after the treatment, coming to Lorraine ill, in emotional or physical pain, to come out with tears of joy and smiles of relief.
Lorraine was always there when anyone needed her, like a true healer she would even give treatments while she herself was ill.
Lorraine was the creator and manager but mainly the spirit of the ‘Lamuella healing centre’, she was there for hours in the blazing Indian sun to instruct the builders until they created the beautiful space she wanted. She collected a few fellow healers, all using various methods of healing, extracted a short written description of their work from each of them, designed and distributed flyers and posters and soon after the place was booming.
We wish her good luck in her new path, will all miss her very much.

Ilan Dascal, Lamuella Arambol ,Goa, India
It was a really amazing experience…truly magical.
Olivia Kingdom, London, UK
After many years of wanting to learn Reiki, as the saying goes when the student is ready the teacher will appear,I came across Lorraine. What a pleasure it was to spend the day with her and learn level1.i will definitely be back to complete Level 2.thank you Lorraine for being you, such a lovely down to earth lady.
Kim Roadley, Stafford
I believe Lorraine was the best choice I could of ever made to teach me reiki 1. I felt supported whilst learning and confident to go forward to self heal and help friends and family. I would recommend Lorraine for anyone needing reiki and also if they are interested in going forward to attunment. It has opened my eyes to the reiki world and I feel happy to continue my journey with reiki alongside Lorraine! What an amazing experience.
Sarah Sutton , Barlaston
Lorraine at Stafford Reiki is a wonderful person - and friend - who gives a brilliant service, a personal service and a relaxing, gentle treatment. Go and see her and put yourself in her fabulous and gentle hands. I recommend her without a doubt
Greta, Stafford
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